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 Volume 19


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Conference reports: biomechanics, ECSS exercise, triathlon and...
Altitude Conference
World Congress on Science and Football
Annual Conference of American College of Sports Medicine
Annual Conference of European College of Sport Science
 News and Comment

In Brief

Individual Responses Made Easy. Jun 8.
Exceptional Case Studies. Jun 8.
More Mixed Modeling with SPSS. Jun 23.
"The Intervention is Possibly Beneficial". Sep 24.
Science and Triathlon Conference Report. Dec 8.
The Fifth International Conference on Altitude/Hypoxia Training at the Beijing Sport University. Will Hopkins. Does adaptation to hypoxia enhance sea-level elite performance? Probably. Jun 8.
  The Eighth World Congress on Science and Football in Copenhagen. Will Hopkins. The very latest for all the football codes. Jun 8.
  The 2015 Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. David Pyne, Shona Halson, Will Hopkins.The featured presentations and the abstracts on competitive athletes. Jun 23.
  Research on Athletes at the 20th Annual Meeting of the European College of Sport Science. Will Hopkins. The year's best sport-science conference. Jul 15.
  The 33rd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports. Scott Brown, Will Hopkins. The kinetics and kinematics of sport performance. Aug 6.
ECSS 2015: Sustainable Exercise Science. Lars Donath, Roland Rössler, Daniel Hammes, Oliver Faude. Current research on non-athletic populations. Sept 4.
  Elsevier Impact Factors Compiled in 2014 for Journals in Exercise and Sports Medicine and Science. Will Hopkins. Thomson-Reuters relegated, and a new activity-adjusted factor. Sept 28.
Physical and Physiological Testing of Soccer Players. Thomas Haugen, Stephen Seiler. Why, what and how should we measure? Jun 13.
Spreadsheets for Analysis of Validity and Reliability. Will Hopkins. New one- and two-way reliability analyses, and a citable article. Jun 23.

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