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 Volume 3 · Number 1 

  January-March 1999 

Variation in performance impacts researchers' attempts to measure enhancement. Read more.

A strategy for athletes to reduce the energy cost of swimming? See the
article by Edwin DeMont.

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 News and Comment


Sportscience Sets the Pace for Publishing Sport Research by Will Hopkins. A new journal for the exercise and sport community.


Judging Gymnastics with Biomechanics by William Sands and Jeni McNeal. Objective scoring in this subjective sport.


Moving Together: Newsletter #23 by Ken Daley. Technology and teaching conferences, lecture notes, lesson plans, medical emergency encyclopedia, health-fitness...

Research Design

Researching Worthwhile Performance Enhancements by Will Hopkins, John Hawley, and Louise Burke. Summary of a recent publication.

Strength Training

A New Weights Machine with Dynamically Adjustable Resistance by Fred Hatfield. Novel technology for the gym.


The Power Clean vs the Power Pull for Strength Training by Rob Nicholson. Summary of a recent list discussion.



Learn from Nature's Competitive Swimmers by Edwin DeMont. Aquatic animals avoid making waves, and they use unsteady fluid dynamics to generate force.


History Makers: Wilbur Olin Atwater (1844-1907) by Frank Katch. Atwater's pioneering metabolic studies helped shape the emerging science of human nutrition and exercise.


Fluid and Carbohyrate Intake During Team Games: Research and Recommendations by Louise Burke. Nutritionists base their guidelines on experience with endurance athletes, owing to problems with measuring performance in team sports.

Research Resources

Guidelines on Style for Scientific Writing by Will Hopkins. An up-to-date collection of advice and rules for authors.


How to Write a Literature Review by Will Hopkins. A systematic approach to analysis of published research.


How to Write a Research Paper by Will Hopkins. More structure eases the writing, editing, and reading of an original-research paper.



Effects of Protein and Amino-Acid Supplementation on Athletic Performance by Richard Kreider. This review, updated the day before we published, includes the effects of glutamine, creatine, and hydroxymethylbutyrate.

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