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KEN'S NOTE: I have used the NEAT system and recommend it.

A Review of the Computer Software
"The NEAT System
Never Ending Athletic Training"
By Dr. Jay Gunnels Ed.D.
Briar Cliff College
Sioux City. IA. 51104

This relatively inexpensive IBM compatible software gives the kinesiologist/coach/teacher a simple and easy method of viewing multiple sport videos at one time. The program advertises itself for a multitude of uses because of its ability view sport skills one frame at a time. Some special capabilities of The NEAT System include:

A couple more points must be made about NEAT. First, it is only software to enhance a person's ability to analyze discrete sports actions. To use it a person must first be able to capture a video and then down load it in to the computer using some type of digitizing hardware. To be effective this will require the purchase of a good video camera (a Hi8 video camera gives fair results) and the purchase of a video input card for the computer. In their manual NEAT offers to digitize videos for people through the mail. This however would not be effective for most NEAT applications because of the time lost in the mail. A person must keep in mind that a video on the computer is only as good as the video put into the computer. The second thing that must be realized is that a person can only down load a few seconds of video at a time. This is more than enough time to view a sport skill, but forget doing sport film analysis. Digitizing a video takes a lot of memory and hard disk space. NEAT could be a good economical teaching aid in upper level sports analysis and biomechanic classes. It is fairly user friendly and students should be able to operate it with minimal instructions. At the high school level there will be a slight problem with the time required to video tape a performance, digitize the film, and then analyze the film on the computer. However with imagination it could be make to work and be a valuable tool to coaches and physical education teachers.

In conclusion I would say that NEAT is well worth the cost because it is user friendly and has some good sport analysis capabilities. For more information on the NEAT system, go to http://www.neatsys.com.

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 14 Jul 1997 - Special Issue

Subject: Hiking and Walking

Hiking and Walking

Spread the word to reintegrate physical activity into the lives of all Americans. As few as 10% of Americans are aerobically fit. 30% are sedentary. 60% exercise sporadically.

http://CyberJournalist.com http://Tax-Advice.com
P. O. Box 2067 - Thousand Oaks, California
91358-2067 USA

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 24 Sep 1997

Adventure Sports and Outdoors Information & Directory - the best guides, outfitters, schools, expeditions, tours, destinations: whitewater rafting,(sea) kayaking, rock climbing, hang gliding, skydiving, horseback, outdoor skills and more!


Announcing the opening of the Ontario Sports & Recreation Web Site, the virtual home of amateur sport in Ontario:

This is an extensive site with links to amateur sport sites, program information and a resource centre with full text documents useful to coaches, athletes, and sport administrators.

Agnes Croxford
Leisure Information Network
Tel: 416 426 7176 Fax: 416 426 7421

FROM: Edupage, 27 July 1997

Samuel Sava, head of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, says: "I have not the slightest doubt about the value of computers in our society. But I question whether we have learned to apply this technology to K-8 instruction... If computers make a difference, it has yet to show up in achievement. We must have the courage to resist the public enthusiasm for sexy hardware and argue for the funds necessary to train our teachers. We cannot send them into the computer room with nothing but a user's manual. If you've ever read one of those things . . .they give new meaning to the phrase, 'English as a second language.'" (USA Today 25-17 Jul 97)

Subject: TOC: Cyber-Journal of Sport Marketing, V

July edition of the Cyber-Journal of Sport Marketing is now on-line.

Table of Contents

Jeffery D. Derrick (Illinois State University) Marketing Orientation In Minor League Baseball, page 92

Douglas M. Turco and Tony Ostrosky (Illinois State University) Touchdowns and Fumbles: Urban Investments in NFL Franchises, page 100

Denise Doust (Griffith University) The Ethics of Ambush Marketing, page 110

Melina Mulherin (Griffith University) Not Everybody Wants a Meat Pie! page 126

The journal can be accessed at:

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 8 Sep 1997 - Special issue
Subject: Microsoft site for educators of K12


Fortunately or unfortunately we all have to listen to what Bill Gates & MS have to say.

While I was looking at MS site: http://www.microsoft.com I noticed that there is a part called education. In that part there are k12 & higher education & in k12 there is a part for educators with lots of interesting resources.



FROM: Bonnie S Mohnsen bmohnsen=AT=earthlink.net
Subject: Online Courses

The Orange County Department of Education is sponsoring three online staff development opportunities during the 1997-1998 school year. Listed below is a description of each course. In order to get more information and a sign-up form - send your snail mail address to bonnie_mohnsen=AT=ocde.k12.ca.us

All three courses:
The inservices are offered by the Orange County Department of Education from October 15, 1997 through May 15, 1998. Each course consists of approximately fifteen hours which can be completed anytime during this period. Each course takes place via the Internet, so participants must an Internet account. The courses involve E-mail, ListServ, chat sessions, virtual auditorium, and searching the world wide web.

Physical Education Framework/National Standards/Fitnessgram Testing Are you up-to-date on the Physical Education Framework? Do you know how to administer the new Prudential Fitnessgram Test? Have you been searching the WWW? Here is a unique and cutting-edge opportunity for you to learn about the Framework, National Standards, Fitnessgram Test, and experience the Internet through an on-line/on-demand staff development opportunity.

Middle School Instructional Units
This inservices focuses on several physical education instructional units designed for the middle school level:
6th: cooperative activities and circus skills
7th: project adventure, orienteering, and Medieval Times
8th: Square dance and tumbling/gynastics
For each unit, we will cover the unit level standards, daily agendas, skill technque, teaching ideas, cognitive information, and assessment.

HighSchool Instructional Units
This inservice focuses on several physical education instructional units designed for the high school level.
9th Grade: swimming and fitness
10th: self defense and biomechanics.
For each unit, we will cover the unit level standards, daily agendas, skill technique, teaching ideas, cognitive information, and assessment.

The fee for each inservice is $45.

Bonnie Mohnsen

For those interested in Fitness Stations
Send all inquires directly to Jeanne Fifer
--- Thanks

For those interested in the RUBRIC LIST :=)
Please send all inquiries regarding signing up for the group developing rubrics DIRECTLY to Dana Fisher-Stirrett at (stirrett=AT=NUCLEUS.COM)

From: Edupage, 27 July 1997

Tom Evslin, outgoing president of AT&T;'s WorldNet Services, sees a single IP network replacing the switched circuit telephone network: "I predict that in five years, there will be no separate telephony and Internet networks, but a single network -- to homes and businesses -- which will support wireless, telephony, Internet access, and possibly cable... There will be a single seamless IP network, with more advanced security, that will support different quality of service level guarantees. We will see an end-to-end packet service, and voice will be in packets, just like any other form of data." Evslin is leaving WorldNet to head up ITXC, a start-up in which AT&T; has a vested interest, which will focus on the Internet and Internet telephony. (InfoWorld Electric 24 Jul 97)

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Subject: I saw this and thought I'd send it along

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Top 10 Fitness Web Pages

The September 15, 1997, issue of "Inter=AT=ctive Week" ranked the top 10 fitness sites. The editors rate web pages by how effectively they promote or extend an organization's business or message. Here's what they had to say. How do you think these pages rate as sources for promoting physical activity? Send your comments and suggestions to fcwheele=AT=sph.sc.edu.

#1 Shape Up America!
Fitness and nutrition advice from former Surgeon General Koop.

#2 Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite!
A fitness index, library and links to other sites.

#3 Balance Fitness Magazine
Virtual version of popular magazine covers exercise and nutrition.

#4 Gold's Gym Online
Big-name gym goes online.

#5 Muscle and Fitness Online
Muscle magazine for serious weight lifters.

#6 The Weight Training Page
Training tips and features for heavy lifters.

#7 Mirkin Report for Health Living
Exercise and nutrition news from media doc.

#8 Hiking and Walking Homepage
A guide for those on foot.

#9 National Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine
Nutrition and training advice galore from the bodybuilder's bible.

#10 The Aerobics Page
A kicky page with a focus on step routines.

FROM: Edupage, 7 October 1997


United Utilities PLC and Northern Telecom have developed technology that would enable homeowners to make phone calls and access the Internet via the electrical outlets in their homes. The companies have tested the service over power lines in 20 U.K. homes over the past year and say their system is now "ready for the mass market." "It's very good news for utilities indeed," says the chief of technology at Energis PLC, which worked with United Utilities on the "power line telephony" project. "At long last, the local monopoly of the incumbent telecom operators is about to be demolished." (Wall Street Journal 7 Oct 97)

FROM: Edupage, 21 September 1997

Netscape Communications CEO James Barksdale says his company will begin providing computers and other hardware at no cost to customers within a year. "In various parts of the country you will be definitely seeing trials within a year -- within a year from now -- of these kind of distribution models for appliances, network computers and personal computers." The company's strategy is to generate revenue through advertising, subscriptions, and a percentage of each online purchase made by subscribers. "We learned early on, give them a phone," he says of his earlier days at AT&T; Wireless Services and McCaw Cellular. "They might use it." (Computer News Daily 19 Sep 97)

This publication is a collection of bits and bytes that I assemble as I wander about on the Internet. If you have notes to share send them to me.

Moving Together is not an official publication of Maharishi University of Management. It is nothing other than a personal try to share / create a collective wisdom in the area of technology as it impacts professional Kinesiologists.

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Maharishi University of Management
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