The Sportscience Website Team

To be successful, this site will need the support of a lot of talented people. If you've got something to offer, we need you! Here's how you can get involved..

Help Create the Pages
    Five of us are doing the creating. We're coping, but a few more would be really helpful. If you can write well, if you can make Web pages (or if are prepared to find out how easy it is with Claris HomePage 2), if you are a perfectionist, and if you have some spare time, contact the We need you to help put together the News and the Journal. You could be an undergraduate or a veteran of the academic rat race. A female or two would be particularly welcome. We run everything openly and democratically by e-mail. You'll enjoy the lively exchanges in this corner of cyberspace!

Become an Editor
    We're hoping to host a top-quality peer-reviewed journal at this site. Read all about it in the accompanying article and check out the Journal page. We'll need experienced respected researchers to join the editorial advisory board, and productive younger researchers to be contributing editors. The editors will also review articles submitted for the News page, contribute the occasional item to the News, and be proactive about new developments at the site. If you think you could join the team of editors, please contact the We need people from all the disciplines of sport science.

Contribute to the Sportscience Journal
    We're interested in hearing from people who could publish original research or reviews in the journal. Being realistic, we'll probably get the first issue out no earlier than January 1998. Drop the a line with a brief description of what you'd like to submit. Don't send a manuscript yet.

Contribute to Sportscience News
    If you know of anything that might be newsworthy, send it to the as an article under your own name. It will count as a popular-level publication for your vita. If it's a really brief item, ask Ken Daley to include it in his regular Moving Together feature. If you've got enough talent and material to write your own regular column, you'd be particularly welcome.

Contribute to the Resources and Training Pages
    Do you have a useful resource for students, teachers, or researchers of sport science? Why not share it on the Research Resources pages? You'll have to allow copying for nonprofit educational purposes, but you'll retain the copyright. The feedback you get will help you perfect the resource, if you're interested in private publication later. Send a message to with details of your resource and we'll see if it's suitable.
    We also need people to write reviews for the Training & Technology page. Send your ideas to

Send in Good Net Links and Addresses
    If you know of a good Web site, mailing list, or newsgroup that we haven't listed on our Net Links page, send it to with a brief description. We're interested in anything to do with sport and exercise research, teaching, technology, or training. Commercial sites can be listed.
    We'd also like to hear from anyone who has ideas about the best search engines on the Web, so we can keep our Net Search page up to date. Let us know of any useful tricks you've learned for searching out info, too. Email

Give Us Feedback
    Do you see yourself as a reader rather than a contributor? You can still play an active role by giving us feedback on what we feature or what you'd like us to feature. Make a suggestion that we can implement, and you'll feel that this is your site, too. It's much more fun when you're involved. Contact individuals on the team via the Contact Us page, or mail your ideas to the or the · · Homepage · Copyright ©1997