May-June 1997

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The Gender Gap. Stephen Seiler and Steve Sailer claim elite women are now running further behind men, thanks to drug testing.
 by John Hawley
In his first column, a top researcher of training and performance analyzes the
Trial and Error method of one of the great coaches, Arthur Lydiard.
Out of Africa, Something New. Will Hopkins reports on paradigms perturbed, if not shifted, at the biennial meeting of the South African Sports Medicine Association.
Looks Good for Hockey. Visual skills and visual awareness help elite hockey players: a PhD report from Sherylle Calder.
 by Frank I. Katch · Index
Physiologist A.V. Hill (1886-1977) wins Nobel Prize for crucial discoveries about chemical and mechanical events in muscle contraction.
by Louise Burke · Index 
IV or not IV? Should you queue at the medical tent for an intravenous quick fix after your next long race?
 by Ken Daley · Index
The latest Newsletter (MT#14) features climbing Everest, kids' Olympics, and a US Govt-sponsored "health finder" site.
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