Sept-Oct 1997 

NEW at This Site. Reports from three interesting conferences, a new way to analyze crossovers, a new searchable index for this site, a review of carbohydrate loading, an updated links list, and more.
Training and Competing in the Mystery Zone.  A report of the first annual USOC-ACSM human performance summit by Gordon Sleivert.
XII FINA World Congress on Swimming Medicine. Andy Stewart and Ross Sanders on research presented at the FINA conference in Goteborg, Sweden.
Membranes, Muscle, and Exercise. A report from the 10th International Conference on the Biochemistry of Exercise, by David Rowlands.
How They Train. Conditioning methods of world champion boxer Evander Holyfield by Fred Hatfield.
by Frank I. Katch · Index
This month, Frank digs into the archives to describe the first controlled clinical nutritional trial, performed by James Lind.
by Louise Burke · Index
This month, Louise Burke explains why athletes need to understand and use the glycemic index rather than focus on whether a carbohydrate is simple or complex.

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