Nov-Dec 1997

A Thirst Only Coke can Satisfy?NEW at This Site.  The energy drink of cyclists, debunking supplemental resistance programs, body fat discrepancies among athletes, design and analysis of multiple crossovers, video training software, and more.
Coca-Cola Preferred by Top Endurance Cyclists.  Surprising results of a survey of cyclists, from David Martin and colleagues at the Australian Institute of Sport.
 by John Hawley
Resistance Training and Endurance Performance.  How effective is resistance training for endurance athletes?
by Louise Burke · Index 
Swimmers: Body Fat Mystery!  Why do swimmers have more body fat than other athletes?
 by Frank I. Katch · Index
Edward Smith (1819-1874) used closed-circuit spirometry to show that protein wasn't the main fuel for exercise.
 by Ken Daley · Index
The latest Newsletter (MT#16) features a review of video training software, top fitness web pages, and more.

Instructions and template for writing an article in Sportscience News. 
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